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View Hotel Iki is situated on Iki Island, a remote island blessed with a mild climate and abundant nature in the northern part of Nagasaki Prefecture. We would be honored if you stayed at our hotel while touring Iki to see the historic buildings and famous natural spots.

Iki has an abundance of high-quality food ingredients that includes Iki beef in addition to the tuna and other plentiful seafood. Many guests from around the world come to View Hotel Iki to enjoy the cuisine expertly prepared with these ingredients. All guestrooms have an ocean view.Please enjoy the time you will spend relaxing at the hotel.



Cuisine expertly prepared with ingredients from Iki

A variety of ingredients are available in Iki in any season?
spring, summer, fall, or winter.Especially excellent is the Iki beef raised on Iki and the seafood that grows in the rough waves of the Genkai Sea.Of these, the Iki tuna is especially popular, even among foreigners.
The following dishes made from these ingredients can be enjoyed at View Hotel Iki.

Restaurants recommended for breakfast






Iki beef


The vast ocean of Iki can be seen through the windows of all guestrooms.
You can spend your time relaxing while listening to the sound of the waves and watching the fishing boats travel back and forth.
Special rooms are also available.

Ocean wish
The desire for ocean's blissful scenery

From Room

From Bath

From Dining Place

From Special Room

From Party room

Relaxing mind and body
while looking at the open sea

Viewing the red-dyed ocean by the sunset from bath.
Ships are coming and going, somehow this is completely relaxable.
※Sauna room completed

  • 【Lodging customers】
    ■Enter bath time:6:00~0:00
    ■Bath fee:free of charge

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There are a wide variety of activities on the island in addition to sightseeing.
Especially recommended of these is fishing. Rental fishing tackle is available so that anyone can enjoy fishing.


Rental fishing tackle


The hotel rents out fishing tackle.
(Both for a charge and for free)
Inquire at the front desk about renting fishing tackle.

Limited to international guests

Cooking option


Depending on the type of fish you catch, the hotel may be able to cook it for you. Please understand that sometimes this might not be possible depending on the situation. This option is limited to guests from foreign countries.



Recommended restaurants for breakfast
Kamomeno Asagohan

Kamomeno Asagohan is a restaurant located a short walk from the hotel.
The restaurant opens early in the morning and serves fresh sashimi and fish dishes from the morning.
The restaurant is also very close to the fishing port, so you can watch the energetic auctioning of the catch.


Address:405-6 Gonoura, Gonoura-cho, Iki City, Nagasaki 811-5135
The restaurant opens at 6:00 a.m.

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  • 早めの朝ごはんにFor an early breakfast
  • 船の待ち時間にWhen waiting for a boat